Your Coin Exchange Professionals In Vallejo, California

Since opening in 1981, we have prided ourselves on the personalized customer service we provide in our Vallejo location. Today, we are bringing reliable expertise and excellent service to Martinez. We love educating customers about their numismatic holdings and the value of their jewelry and we are passionate about the incredible history of precious metals..
Our locations make up the largest retailer of coin supplies in the counties of Solano & Costa Counties. We carry a large selection of coin books and supplies and we can meet the needs of every collector, from novices to professionals.
Vallejo Coin Exchange buys all types of scrap gold and silver at current market rates. We also buy and sell paper U.S. paper money and coins, bullion, and some foreign coins.
Bring us your miscellaneous gold and silver items today and receive a quote. If you don't see your item listed on this site just bring it in and we will gladly look at it for you. It may be something we buy.
Different Kinds Of Jewelries - Coin Exchange in Vallejo, CA